Collaborative study to provide evidence for the treatment of retinoblastoma

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The national retinoblastoma study is a collaborative effort to generate data driven management guidelines that is directed towards improving the survival and quality of life of children with retinoblastoma.

The collaboration includes developing a web-based network of care providers, providing training and education, and pooling collective (de-identified) patient data and conduct multicenter prospective high impact research. The published scientific studies should be able to impact children around the world in the care of this cancer

The study will be conducted in 5 phases

Phase 1: 2015


Phase 2: 2016


Phase 3: 2017


Phase 4: 2018


Phase 5: 2019


All the identified data will be collected using a web-based database (eCancerCare).



Iksha Foundation

Iksha foundation is a public charitable trust to focus on Retinoblastoma (eye Cancer) - to create awareness, to provide aid for its treatment and to support research to improve care of children with Retinoblastoma.



CanKids have CANCER SUPPORT UNITS that support patient , doctors and care-givers at hospitals across India.

National Retinoblastoma Study Team

Arun D Singh, MD
Principal Investigator

Arun D. Singh is Director of the Department of Ophthalmic Oncology in the Cole Eye Institute at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio.
email: ncrb [at] ikshafoundation [dot] org

Ashwin Malliptana, MD
National Coordinator

Dr. Ashwin Mallipatna is in-charge of the Retinoblastoma Service at Narayana Nethralaya in
Bangalore, India.

Brenda Gallie, MD
Data Consultant

Dr. Brenda Gallie is the Director of the Retinoblastoma Program at the Hospital for Sick Children in

Helen Dimaras, PhD
International Liaison

Helen Dimaras is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences in the University of Toronto.


  • nrbs [at] ikshafoundation [dot] org